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Microsoft Exchange Monitoring Tool

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring of Email Delivery

  • Automated Email Service Level Statistics

  • Strong Market Presence for over 20 years.

  • Proactively Alert operatons quickly.

Lotus Notes Monitoring Tool

  • Monitor Lotus Notes Servers, Relay, and Connections

  • Get Service Level Performance in real time.

  • User-level statistics of delivery to the message store.

  • Monitor all your enterprise serves effortlessly and economically.

  • Topper is agent less. No agent software need be installed on the servers being monitored. When an email slow-down or email failure occurs, staff is alerted to reduce any email downtime.

Windows Server Performance Monitoring

Real-Time Graphics with drill-down capabilities via mouse.
Click link then use mouse to 'cut' section of any of 18 charts for drill-down to zoom in to greater detail.

Real-time Performance Monitoring is agent-less as well and Works with Windows. It uses escalation limits set to trigger alarms on: disk usage, memory usage, cpu, email queues & connectors as well as the status of Widows Services. Also alarm when values do not change to uncover stopped email flows such as the number of messages passed through a connection.

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